Saitō Chōshū (1737–1799)
Saitō Kansai (1772–1818)
Saitō Gesshin (1804–1878)
Hasegawa Settan (d. 1843)
Illustrations of Famous Places in Edo (Edo meisho zue), vol. 7 of 20
Japan, Edo period (1615–1868), 1834–36
Woodblock-printed book; ink on paper
Hill, Norman D., 1938 (1960)

Construction of the Drum Bridge, which spans the Meguro River in modern-day Meguro district, was completed around 1736 by the Buddhist monk Mokujiki Shōnin (1718–1810). This illustration seems to have inspired Hiroshige’s snow-flocked image of the bridge, which is displayed nearby.