Saitō Chōshū (1737–1799)
Saitō Kansai (1772–1818)
Saitō Gesshin (1804–1878)
Hasegawa Settan (d. 1843)
Illustrations of Famous Places in Edo (Edo meisho zue), vol. 12 of 20
Japan, Edo period (1615–1868), 1834–36
Woodblock-printed book; ink on paper
Hill, Norman D., 1938 (1960)

Like the depiction of Hachimangū shrine in one of the books nearby, this image of Gokokuji, a temple dedicated to the Shingon sect of Buddhism, shows the extent to which religions in Japan intermingled. The temple grounds feature a miniature replica of Mount Fuji, typically associated with Fujikō (the worship of Mount Fuji). Images and information about several other Fuji replicas can be found among the prints and books on display nearby.